Twitter Users Share Before and After Photos of their Growing Dogs

It’s National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! And if you rescued your pet when they were a baby or young adult, it’s amazing to see how much growing they can do in a few short months.

Twitter has been reveling in these transformations recently, with dozens of users sharing before and after shots of their pets.

One second they are a goofy, little puppy you can cradle easily, and the next moment they are a fully grown dog who can barely fit in your arms.

How does it happen so fast?

These Twitter users and the pet parents of the world want to know!

It appears a lot of canines go from being a handful, to something a little more manageable.

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The bottom line is, no matter what size they are, all dogs are very good boys and girls. And the best news is, the bigger they get, the more there is to cuddle.



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